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  • Laminated wood and wood profiles.

  • We are a manufacturer of profiles in spruce wood and oak, used for windows and doors with insulated glass (windows), and for furniture. Quality is the most important thing to us and we strive to fulfill our clients requirements thoroughly. Laminated wood is a top material resulted from a processes that extends and maximizes traditional wood properties and totally eliminate its flaws, keeping three important qualities: breathing, warmth, nobility. This material offers many advantages over traditional wood: is stronger, straighter and more uniform. Traditionally processed wood is affected by ultraviolet sun rays and it changes in time, which generates visible cracks in this type of joinery. Due to its compact structure, almost composite, laminated wood structure does not deform, does not rot or work, while these profiles also show no nodes. Since ancient times, wood was used to the completion of all elements of carpentry. Today, technological advances continue to bring us to the wood in our homes at the 21st century efficiency level. If you like nature and you wish it close to you, fell the smell of wood in your own residence.

  • Why us?

  • Suppliers of raw materials are selected by us on the basis of quality, ensuring the quality of the final product. Our strategy is to create a well-knowed name for ourselves by offering products that confer resistance and safety. Thanks to technological developments,we have the opportunity to benefit from profiles of wood certified by a leading German institute.

  • What do we offer?

  • Wood joinery

    Wood joinery materials offer many advantages over traditional wood: is stronger, straighter and more uniform. Due to its compact structure, almost composite, wood joinery structure does not deform or rot in time.

    Wood windows and wood doors.

    These are just some of the uses of this great product. We can make an endless lists. For more information, please visit our products page or contact us.

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